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Driving Lessons Isle of Wight - There are 2 ways to take driving lessons, here or on the mainland but at Driving Lessons Isle of Wight we have everything you need to pass your driving test. While many people choose driving lessons in Isle of Wight in order to find the best driving instructor in Isle of Wight it is not a simple task, but we male things a lot easy for you, by showing you how to pass first time.

Driving Lessons Isle of Wight

Are you ready to have a "beyond awesome" experience of passing your driving test. You know turning 1§, 17, and 18 is a massive opening to life, you can do so many new things and when you are 17 you can drive your own car. That means you can hit the ferry (its better to drive on to it) and go wherever your imagination can take you. What is stopping you from going to festivals, weekend away trips, university, finding work or just going away and having a laugh with your mates. Its all about having the windows down, your music on and your destination whacked into your sat -nav.

Driving Lessons Isle of Wight is not this fuddy duddy, boring driving school that you come to expect. You know, where you are taught by a person who has serious issues connecting with an iphone, nevermind a human! Our driving instructors in Isle of Wight are like you, except they can drive...and can teach you how to drive real good so you can pass your driving test.

ALL I WANT IS PERFECTION That is what my driving instructor used to tell me, I can't tell you how that used to wind me up. All I wanted was to be able to drive properly and to have the ability to avoid accidents - in general, I didn't need perfection, I accepted I wasn't perfect and lets face it you don't need to be a perfect drive, you just need to know how to be safe. It took me ages to get anywhere with that driving instructor so I did the only thing I could and dumped him.

You know...there are still driving instructors in Idle of Wight who demand perfection, yet perfection isn't needed for the driving test? What you need are decent driving lessons in Isle of Wight where the driving instructor in Isle of Wight is just fine. They are happy, easy to talk to, help you learn quickly and you can have a bit of fun along the way.

Your driving lessons in Isle of Wight need to put you in a position where you are a safe driver, because that is the only way you are going to pass your driving test, but you do not want to be bored with "safe driving for life". I mean, of course you want to be a safe driver for life but you you are a responsible person and not a 14 year old.

The best driving lessons in Isle of Wight

are provided by use because we also give you

cheap driving lessons Isle of Wight

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Our cheap driving schools in Isle of Wight are so different to what you have experienced before? I mean, out it this way. What are most driving schools in Isle of Wight going to save you? £3 an hour? Perhaps you can get a beginners deal and save £50 but so what.

We can help you save well over £500 on passing your driving test.
Yes £500, that wasn't a typo, if we want to brag we could put that as high as £900, see what you think by reading this...

Your average learner driver is going to take single hour lessons, take lessons once a week, and perhaps take over a year to pass the driving test. Those figures are backed up by the DVSA who say the average number of hours needed to pass the driving test is 47. And its a huge amount of driving lessons to take. Most schools love you to have just one hour a week because you stay with the Isle of Wight driving instructor for longer. They make more money.

But what you need to do is get smart.
Here are 2 simple examples.
Rachael and Sarah both book 10 hours of lessons, which person learns more?
Rachael takes 1 hour a week for 10 weeks.
Sarah has 2 hours lessons and one lesson every 3 or 4 days.
When Rachael gets starts he new lesson she needs at 15-20 minute re-cap.
Sarah only needs a 5-10 minute recap.

They both paid the same amount of money for the same amount of tuition but took their lessons in a different way. You can easily see how Sarah would save a lot of cash. With Rachael due to the amount of re-cap she needs, we think that out of every 3 to 4 hours of hours, one hour will be wasted on going over what she had forgotten.

Now when the DVSA has 47 hours as their stated average, as much as 12 hours of that time could be wasted. Thats around £300.
Furthermore the DVSA say the average learner also need around 20 hours of private practice. So you are going to need to insure a car, and fuel it. At just £30 a week for 3 months...well you do the maths!

The amount of money to get your driving licence can easily cost £2000, but if you just use our simple example you can save loads. And of course there is passing first time. That will also save you around another £300. No new test. No extra lessons. 

Passing your driving test is easier than most people think. 
The reason why a lot of people fail is because they do not know how to pass the driving test, they think that just by being able to drive is enough...and it isn't.
The driving test is all about you being a safe driver, can you driver alone, can you make decisions by yourself that do not end in disaster. 
This is far more than crunching a gear or missing a signal, its about planning, understanding the consequences and dealing with issues that happen on the go.

The driving examiner has got to be certain you are right to drive by yourself, can you drive, can you make the right decisions? This is not just a test of technical ability but also of understanding. The question we need to ask is "what does it take to be a safe driver?"
Once you understand that question you can implement the answer into all of the learning.

When driving and completing any task, if you implement the following you can consider yourself as safe.

1. To be following the Highway Code
2. To be looking out for hazards and making sure you avoid them or prevent them from becoming an issue.
3.  To be in control of the car
4. To have the desire to be a safe driver.

Can you see by using these 4 steps on every single aspect of driving it will make you safe. Its far more than knowing when to brake, how much room to leave, its a comprehensive guide and its what you need to do from your very first lesson.

While many driving schools in Isle of Wight go on and on about safe driving for life, they miss the point by hammering home the main issue. Driving is fun, and you need to have the right mind to get in the car and drive, and you need to be able to follow the 4 steps we pointed out to you. If you can drive like that you will have a lot of happiness driving your car and at the same time you will be safe.

If you think learning to drive is fun, then the possibilities and opportunities a driving licence creates you is pretty crazy. People leave university to enhance their career and have debts upwards of £20k its a huge amount. Yet learning to drive creates new job options for you, as you can reach more companies. Working in the same area as to where you live is no longer a requirement.

Once you pass your test and get you own car your dreams will come true, you will realise everything you have been looking for. So give us a call and get in contact today.

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